Welcome to the SharkMagnets blog ya dingus!

On my driver’s license my name is NOT Jaydas but Jason, also my friends just call me Jay. With a degree in the “arts” and the “business”, I decided to bring what I learned to the real world social media (thanks dad but social media is the real world).

Under the “SharkMagnets” alias, I have a YouTube channel where I upload videos on a variety of topics including philosophy and business development with some stupid dry humour sketches and jokes as well (TRIGGER ALERT: comedians sometimes tell offensive jokes, you have been warned). It is currently in the launch stage so this channel is a mere hobby.

For the employers out there, I have a burning passion for the arts in strategic communications and media theory, developing my skills in marketing, networking and sales. I have a “plan” in place to market my personal sharkie-mangety brand for myself, whilst marketing ANOTHER rather sophisticated professional brand for the REAL real world (money, taxes, clients, etc.).

If this or that sounds cool or useful hit that follow button on Twitter or whatever (I want followers but I also don’t care that much lol). Much love from Canada xo