“It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.” – Charles Darwin

In the latter years of my undergrad, I’ve been relatively open about my Libertarian leanings in the more recent political climates in the West. I don’t know if this is dangerous for my reputation to be as open about this as I am, but I’m personally okay with my current political affiliation. I will note that my mind does adapt to the change in climate. Whether this change is political, social, economic or the literal climate of the planet (hopefully we manage that last one) my libertarian mind will be ready.

Charles Darwin would be so proud!

Because I want to distance myself from American politics, I’ve only read the first few pages of The Libertarian Mind by David Boaz. The examples of having no governmental regulations for soft drink sizes and being able to smoke pot whenever you want convey the cornerstone argument of what “libertarianism” is about: the requirement to justify power and not the requirement to justify freedom.

Raised by a small manufacturing business owned by my parents, a political psychologist (I wonder if that’s a real job) could forecast that someone like me would grow up with overtly libertarian leanings. Economically, my experience with parents as small business owners identified my family’s economic leanings as “fiscally conservative”, which typically defends lowering taxes to grow the economy… and our bank accounts!

But as a student in high school and university, I’ve had the odd job to get by with living expenses, so as a “working class citizen”, I recognize that the working class should also be listened to and respected. How to move forward without angering either side is the tough part of this conflict.

Regarding Charles Darwin, my stance as a libertarian thinker is that no matter what I do in my life, whether its business, education, dating or making friends, I need to be adaptive to whatever trials my surroundings throw at me. That being said, I am a Liberal at heart and not a status quo person. I’ve wanted things to change for a long time.

My competence with adaptability before 2017 was actually to adapt to the status quo. Sanders and Johnson were my guys this past election, but instead we were dealt with an offensive, egotistical pop cultural icon versus a Republican (Hillary Clinton was the Republican).

I’ll end it with this: adaptability, especially to the political climate, is vital if you want to succeed. Whether its landing that dream job, marrying that perfect partner and even simplifying your health and well-being, you need to adapt to the trials.